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Green Monstah Firearms offers FFL Transfers and Gunsmithing on top of retail parts specializing in Semi AR, shotguns, rifles and handguns.

FFL Transfer

A firearm is transferred when an FFL sells it to a customer or hands it over to another FFL for a client to pick up.

Usually, in order to sell a firearm across state borders, an FFL dealer is required. The buyer then picks up the handgun from the in-state licensed dealer after the firearm is transported there.
In the same way, if a consumer purchases a gun from you online, you must ship the weapon to an FFL dealer in their state so that the customer can pick it up.


The regular upkeep, repair, and customization of firearms is known as gunsmithing.

Gunsmiths recognize old or broken parts and swap them out for new ones.
In order to fix problems that are unique to particular models and manufacturers, they must be aware of those issues.

Sometimes, gunsmiths modify firearms for competitive or other purposes specified by their clients.

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