1514 Winchester Ave
Martinsburg, WV 25405

1528 Winchester Ave, Unit 1
Martinsburg, WV 25405


A Family Friendly Experience

Everyone is welcome

We pride ourselves on being more than a transactional place. We strive as pillars of our community to engage with our clientele in a family friendly environment, and ensure the best customer service in our profession. 

Come to our gun shop in Martinsburg, WV and meet Emma, our mascot.

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Woman owned business

Meet Richie, in business since 2014. She moved to Martinsburg, West Virginia in 2020 where she opened her brick and mortar on July 24th 2021. She was retired and looking to do something closer to her calling, so she opened a full blown gun store! Richalie’s passion is treating her clientele like family, and grow with them as a community.

Sponsors & Partnerships

1st time customers

*Free 30 minutes*

Shadow Hawk Defense

We have partnered with Shadow Hawk Defense for classes and training. Whether you are a first time firearm user, recreational shooter, competitive shooter or seasoned professional, Shadow Hawk want to help you achieve your desired level of confidence and ability with an excellent experience.

First time handgun owners are given a free 30 minutes of range time at Shadow Hawk Defense.

Community First

Berkeley County Deputy Sheriff's Association

We fully support and are a proud sponsor of the Berkeley County Deputy Sheriff’s Association.

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Green Monstah Firearms

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